It’s Fun to be Who You Aren’t

by Joan Houghton

The weekly calendar at the Retirement Community said, “Don your golf duds and come to the wine social”.  Quite enthused, she soon delved into her closet and came up  with an old golf sweater.   She wondered whether she could still wear it—yes, it was the old style of being designed for comfort rather than the modern cling-y fashion.

Next, she found a visor in a drawer and it almost matched the sweater.  Now, with her old (only) pair of pedal pushers and adding sunglasses to the get-up, she would be all set.  Oh, come to think of it—a golf glove used to be a necessity.  Sure enough, there was a light-colored regular glove to tuck in her back pocket a la Tiger Woods.

All the old golfing memories came rushing back: the cool fresh air and sunshine; the good times with the girls on the course; the laughter and camaraderie when they could occasionally get away from family responsibilities….especially remembered were the times they enjoyed doughnuts and iced tea on the fifth tee (if there was no one waiting behind them).

Then there were the delightful times golfing with another couple,  not only fighting the whiffs, water,  and sand traps, but the highway hazard and darkness.  Dinner afterwards at a restaurant usually followed, making for a very special night out.

Actually, the memories were clear and terrific.  It didn’t matter that they were not especially gifted golfers.  Ah, those were the days!

Now, it was time to go to the social hour.  Thud!!  Where were the other golfers?  In fact, where were ANY golfers?  Did she have the wrong day?  Did she dream up the guidelines?  Was she the only one in golf attire???

The answer?  Yes, she was, except for one other with a golf t-shirt on.  Oh dear—embarrassing!  One by one, the sunglasses disappeared, then the visor, and then the memory vision abruptly left her.  She questioned if she was just an old woman  re-living her childish “dress-up” days.

The next day some of her friends confessed that they had decided (because of the sunglasses and visor), she was having eye trouble. Oh Mortification!!!

Thoughts occurred: was she TOO fond of thinking or “living in the past”?”

No, the simple LESSON is: For the next event, ask around to see if ANYONE ELSE IS PLAYING DRESS-UP.  Maybe, they, too, would discover that IT IS FUN TO BE WHO YOU AREN’T (even for a short time).


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