The Very Best Gift

by Joan Houghton

In  our younger days,  we wanted  a Patsyette  or Shirley Temple doll  or a cowboy outfit  or electric train.

A few years later,  we longed for a shiny pair of  roller skates.

Then  the desire grew for  a  croquet set or a new bicycle.

Next came make-up with hairdo’s and tickets to a baseball game.

Following were a glamorous flowing prom gown  and a used car to drive.

Next was a wedding with all the trimmings.

A decent job, a better model car and a night out for dinner were desired.

A small house would do with occasional tickets to shows.

There were wishes for a sailboat or camping trailer.

Then a  baby  with a larger house and a television,  and all of the required  household goods considered necessities.

Travel was big with exotic vacations  in demand.

Then the MATERIAL AGE began with all its gadgets, computers, ipods, ipads, and booknooks,

(One would think we were no longer capable of learning  or communicating without  a technical gadget in our hands.)

Recently, there have been desires for “over-the-top” children’s “theme” birthday parties, destination weddings,  preceded  by elaborate bridal showers at elegant spas, or bachelor weekends at Las Vegas.

…………Much later in our personal lives, we appreciate a box of candy or a flowering plant, or note paper—but guess what is the VERY best gift to us oldsters———This top-notch gift has really ALWAYS been the best gift of all from anyone,  your mother or father, sister or brother, children, or friend.  It takes a long time to learn that this is the VERY BEST GIFT OF ALL THAT YOU CAN GIVE FOR ANY AGE.

It is so simple, so inexpensive,  and yet… so difficult.


TIME—-a personal visit, a ten-minute telephone call, or even  a ride in your car.


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