The New Wrinkle

by Joan Houghton

This morning something new appeared.  I wasn’t expecting it nor looking for it.  But suddenly and silently there it was….a brand new wrinkle, and I do not mean the kind that is a constructive new thought.   No, there it is:  a NEW WRINKLE.

The discovery came during the  morning “brushing teeth” routine.  It has nestled into its own position, among its numerous relatives, residing deep and comfortably on the cheek.

One can wonder what each one represents.  Does this one record the time Johnny broke his arm or Susie had the emergency appendectomy?

How about those pesky teacher conferences?

Remember the time you chased the bats out of the attic?

Then there were umpteen times worrying about the late-stay outings of the teen-agers.

Of course, forgetting your lines in the class play is enough to bring a hundred lines to your face.

Even facing your child’s piano recital performance is tough enough.

There were worries about relatives, too, and their illnesses.

Then your friends and their ailments became  uppermost in your mind.

Global concerns  of all  kinds as well as local ones are all-consuming.

Before you know it, the same concerns and worries begin  all over again about your grandchildren and great- grandchildren.

The good part is perhaps many of our wrinkles are over such happy memories too: weddings, vacations, camaraderie with friends, parties, travels, and sometimes because of such overwhelming joy that you can hardly stand it.  One of the best kind is  one that comes from laughing.

So, overall, I will cherish each wrinkle as a mark of living through the tough times and loving the best times.   In fact, maybe they are there to provide a base for the dimples and freckles of life.


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