Why Not to Go to Church and Why I’m Glad I Did

by Joan Houghton

It was Sunday Morning and

I had overslept.

The humidity and outdoor temperature were very high.

A storm with hail was threatening just northwest of us.

I   felt very tired.

One weak leg had been misbehaving.

Parking is always a questionable problem.

But off I went, carrying some cans  of food for the Church/Crisis Center Drive.

All went well:  I found a good parking place and arrived on time.  The church was cool and comfortable.  It felt good to join in on familiar songs.  The bins for cans were overflowing.  There was good attendance.  People made excellent suggestions for  prayers of celebration and those for concerns.

The sermon was upbeat: reminding us that even though we have been discouraged, or were ever judged to be inadequate; in fact, no good;  God can take us with our imperfections and  guide us for GOOD in the world.

Soon after, when we arose for singing,  I became aware of a young man standing 3 rows ahead of me.  He was tall, wearing a white shirt and holding  a  3-year-old little boy whose head was nestled in his shoulder and facing me.

A row ahead of him, there was another young man, wearing a red shirt, and holding a 2-year-old little girl  also facing my direction.

I hope I shall never forget the look on the faces of those two children—-sheer joy and  sublime contentment, and  complete comfort, and safety as they snuggled in the arms of their fathers.    I wish the scene could have been preserved somehow;  but I guess it will have to  be only in my mind’s eye.

The service concluded with a  beautiful breathtaking Bach rendition  played on the organ.

Driving home, the radio reported that the storm warning had been lifted.  I continued  my drive home with a light and happy and inspired heart.

Question, why did I ever pause to consider whether to go to church today, when I have this golden opportunity of freedom of choice,  and freedom of religion, and freedom to make such decisions!

What a blessing indeed!


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