Proposals Old and New

by Joan Houghton

These days proposals of marriage seem so involved; planned months ahead by the Proposer, and eagerly awaited by the Proposee.

Mine was very different.

He had recently returned from World War 2.   I had just finished at the University.  We were both going to leave our homes soon for far-flung places to begin our careers.  After several months I marched up to his house  one morning and posed the question: “Are we serious or not?”   His answer was “Well, I thought we would go to Omaha next  week and choose a ring.”  We did and married soon after.  It was all  so simple and to the point.

In contrast, my grandson arranged for a private showing in a movie theater repeating their original first movie date.  Then his picture came suddenly on the screen with, “Will you marry me, Michelle” while he knelt on the floor beside her in the tight spot between aisles.

There have been proposals on RAGBRAI (the Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa)  because they had met on that ride.

They have occurred as a couple parachutes  together down  to earth from a helicopter.

It could happen in a romantic spot especially remembered by the couple, like the Grand Canyon or on the Zip-Line in Las Vegas.

Some brave young men decide to pop the question in front of her family.  One would assume he is pretty confident of the answer.

Others have chosen to hide “the ring” in a martini or in Angel Food Cake.  When the ring appears, he drops to his knees immediately and turns on the charm and the question.

Perhaps he would choose  to create the scene on  shipboard or even deep in the ocean while diving together.

Or maybe there was a special mountain hiking trail that was appealing.

Possibly, the prospective groom would  softly whisper words in the Proposee’s ear as they glided around the dance floor, while their “special song” was playing.

These days on the  unreal Bachelor or Bachelorette television programs,  they frolic in a fancy, extremely artificial courting period which takes place in glamorous places, such as Bali, or Samoa or Hawaii.

Won’t it be interesting to see what ingenious ideas the next generation  of Proposers will provide!


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  1. Steve Anderson
    Sep 19, 2011 @ 22:52:33

    Some of us get engaged with 70,000 of our closest friends with an airplane flying over Kinnick Stadium with a message being pulled behind, “Will you marry me Jennifer? Steve A.” 🙂


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