July Fourth Ramblings

by Joan Houghton

July Fourth brings back memories of picnics, parades, patriotism, fireworks and reunions.

But this year the Fourth brought out another thought:  Our country is only 234 years old!!!  That number came as a shock when it made me realize that I, at 85, had lived over one-third of our nation’s history.  That seemed impossible; but I checked the figures from 1776 and found them correct.

Somehow, that knowledge made me feel more responsible for our nation’s problems.  It made me wonder if I could have helped more, even in a small way, to alleviate poverty, inequality, violence, war tendencies and more recently—lack of civility.

On the other hand, it seems even more incredible that in a total of 234 years, so much has been accomplished in science, technology, transportation, communication, health, agriculture,  and space exploration.

Whew!!!  We octogenarians must HURRY if we wish to make even small marks of improvement in the life of our young nation.


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