by Joan Houghton

The deliverymen had just brought her new recliner, and she was exuding in her wise choice even though it had cost more than she had figured.  But the winey-brown-colored texture seemed perfect.  When she tried it out, it fit her beautifully and the reclining position was sublime.  She was very proud that all was working out so well.

Perhaps she had better consult with the limited directions to be sure she understood the various gear positions.  Several quotes completely puzzled her; “Bring  the back upright and close the legrest”.   “Do not stand or sit on the legrest (lee-grest).”  “Never attempt to   open the legrest by pulling it.”     What in the heck was the legrest?  She had never heard that word before.   It must be a very important and complicated  cog of the intricate  elements of the entire design.  She looked all over the chair and could find nothing unless perhaps they meant the handle on the side of the chair.   She studied the diagram, there was no legrest pictured.

Well, she decided to relax and enjoy its luxury.  Her daughter appeared later in the day and had to see it for herself.  She sat in it and gave her approval.  Then the directions  were once again  brought out   and  she was just beginning to read the puzzler to her daughter and then  VOILA!!  She saw the word legrest  with new eyes:  For Heaven’s sake!  What a dummy she had been!  Of course,  it was not  a leegrest; it was a LEG-REST.   What an utter fool she had been!  She and her daughter went into peals of laughter, and in fact, could not stop screaming out loud at her dense-ness.

Well, in her defense, why is there not a hyphen  in the word to help us out.  In defiance, she looked it up in the dictionary and there it was: legrest.  She also checked on legwork and legroom.  No hyphen needed there.  So she had to admit that it was something between her eyes and brain that just still saw legrest as LEEGREST.  Anyway, it may turn out to be her favorite word of all time because it takes her down several pegs and also gives her another delightful period of laughter.


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  1. Cari
    Jul 07, 2011 @ 20:56:26

    That’s really funny, Grandma Joan! I’m just getting caught up on all of your blog posts…. love them!


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