My Bad

by Joan Houghton

If you have not yet heard someone say “MY BAD”, then you just need to move into the younger age group and listen in sometime.  My interpretation is that it must mean,  “I’m sorry…or “I goofed up”….or “I apologize” or ”Excuse me”.   Something about it just grates on me like the proverbial fingernail on the blackboard.   The two words do not seem to blend together either grammatically or  auditorially (made- up word).

On the other hand, “MY GOODNESS” sounds delightful, but does it mean that I did something well?  Am I bragging?   Hardly, —it is just more of an exclamation,  like “FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE” which might  also denote a tone  of disgust or shock.  What in the world does “For Heaven’s Sake” really mean?





We know what DARNIT  means or the more emphatic DAMMIT.

GO FLY A KITE  is sort of a dismissal.

I’LL BE JIGGERED. (a puzzlement).

Then there are my personal favorites for frustration :  either “RATS” or “FIDDLESTICKS.

SHOOT is another favorite, but I fear it is a substitute for the ever-popular and over-used and disgusting   S_ _ _

Just recently, such abbreviations as LOL  (as used in texting) were  formally accepted into the  new dictionary as was OMG.  The former, means “laughing out loud” ( or my version would be  “lots of love” in signing a letter).     OMG means “Oh my gosh “ or the more offensive to some of us “Oh, My God”.  The latter has become common usage to express excitement, unbelievably thrilling, gratitude or horror or complete devastation. ……  Would that it were not so.

Words are endlessly fascinating  with their abilities to mislead or  to influence for the good.  Writers, especially, should be and  probably are,  especially aware of  their power.

Recently, I heard a guitarist/composer perform.  One song especially hangs in my memory.  It used the phrase over and over, “John Dear and John 316”.  I kept trying to interpret his meaning.   Was he referring to the “Dear John” letters of the 2nd World War days? –perhaps, a personal friend?   Was it John Deere Farm implements?  How I wished I could have seen it spelled out to help solve my quandary.   My final conclusion:  that perhaps it was the story of his life in a nutshell:  Life on the Farm and filled with Religion as guided by the Bible verse: John 3: 16.    I will never know, but it is surely a nice thought.

It’s all in YOUR interpretation of the meaning of the words!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. iowamike
    Apr 23, 2011 @ 08:58:46

    I love your blog…sadly I fear that I have actually been saying “my bad” lately…I promise to work on eliminating it from my vocabulary. LOL ( and I mean Lots Of Love) -Amelia


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